Civil Construction Services

Prestige Engineering L.L.C. has the expertise to carry out Civil Construction services in various Industries. Our Civil division undertakes projects like Civil foundations, Wall repair, All civil repair/Maintenance works, repair of concrete tanks, Interlocking/paving works, Construction of boundary walls, waterproofing, trench construction etc..

With a talented and well-managed workforce, we are confident in taking up any type of Civil Construction from our clients. Our Civil team includes Engineers, Supervisors, Masons, Bricklayers and Carpenters who have sufficient experience in civil construction.

Surface Preparation And Painting

Prestige Engineering L.L.C. has the expertise to carry out Surface Preparation and painting. Our team has vast experience in all aspects of the Anti-corrosion techniques.Our yard is fully equipped with most modern equipment’s for Surface preparation and painting. Our blasting booth is equipped with Dust Extraction system.


Blast cleaning of CARBON STEEL surface as per ISO 8501-1 ,SSPC-SP 10 -NEAR TO WHITE METAL BLAST CLEANING- Sa 2.5 Standards ,

Sweep Blast cleaning of SS / HDG /Non- Ferrous Surface as per ISO 8501-1 ,SSPC-SP 7 - BRUSH OFF BLAST CLEANING - Sa 1 Standards ,

Blast cleaning of CARBON STEEL surface as per ISO 8501-1 ,SSPC-SP 5 - WHITE METAL BLAST CLEANING- Sa 3 Standards (As per Client’s requirements )


Airless spray painting of external surface of CS Structural steel , Hot dip Galvanized Structures , Stainless Steel Tanks/Structures with Epoxy coating /Epoxy Zinc rich coating / Inorganic Zinc silicate coating/MIO coating / Polyurethane type coating.

Internal lining of Tanks/Vessel with Epoxy Phenolic/ Novalac /Glass Flake Vinyl Ester lining .

High temperature resistant coating like Zinc Silicate , Silicone Aluminum ,Inert multi-polymeric matrix coating for heat exchanger /Pressure vessels.

Pickling and Passivation

Our Team is experienced in Pickling and passivation Stainless steel, Duplex, super Duplex and Titanium materials. Pickling is the removal of thin layer of metal from the surface of the stainless steel and to remove weld heat tinted layers from the surface of stainless steel fabrications, where the steel’s surface chromium level has been reduced.
Passivation usually occurs naturally on the surfaces of stainless steels, but it may sometimes be necessary to assist the process with oxidizing acid treatments. Unlike pickling, no metals is removed from the surface during acid assisted passivation.

Pickling Methods:

  • Tank immersion pickling ( Bath size 10000 mm Long x 3000 mm Wide x 1000 mm Height)
  • Spray, brush pickling pastes or gels.
  • Circulation pickling. (It is recommended for closed tanks and pipe work, which required internal cleaning.

Hot and Cold Insulation with Cladding

We have separate team for Hot and Cold Insulation with cladding as per client specifications.
We are Expert in Hot and Cold insulation of Static equipments, piping, valves instruments etc….
Insulating materials normally in use: Mineral wool, Glass wool, Polyurethane and Polystyrene.
Cladding materials normally in use: Aluminum and Stainless steel.